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Kenya Lenana, City (mild) Roast


Location: Mt. Kenya - Lenana
Altitude: 1,500 – 1,750 MASL

Mt. Kenya's southern slopes are home to thousands of small coffee shambas, or gardens. Shambas are nurtured by smallholder farmers, who deliver freshly picked, ripe cherries to their cooperative pulping factories. This coffee, crafted from fully traceable sources of supply in Embu, Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties, epitomizes a typical. great Kenyan coffee. Smallholder farmers, each with around 200 trees, work together in co-ops. Each co-op owns wet mills to process their cherries and receives freshly picked ripe cherries from their member farmers throughout the harvest season. Disc pulping and separation is followed by 12- to 24-hours of dry fermentation, then washing and overnight underwater soaking. The resulting parchment coffee is very clean and full of the flavors and acidity that make Kenyan coffees so famous.