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Holy Kakow Organic Chai Concentrate

Bottled by hand in small batches since 2008

Organic- Vegan - No soy or gluten

Chock-full of Spice and Nice

Our Organic Chai is……just a little different. A super-secret caramel-y black tea, a ton of spices (We’re not holding back.), ancho pepper for some heat and panela for a touch of sweet create a heavenly tea drinking experience. Sip slowly and really enjoy.

2 to 1

Holy Kakow recommends mixing 2 parts Organic Chai Concentrate with 1 part milk or milk alternative for optimal consumption. Ultimately though, your portioning is your prerogative. Go crazy.

***bottled by hand with minimal ingredients and no artificial preservatives, some separation may occur. Gently shake the bottle to mix***

(pumps sold separate from syrup/sauce)

Item Chai Concentrate - 64oz
Package Each

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