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Japan Matcha Green Tea Powder - Organic - Stone Ground

Authentic Japanese Organic Stone Ground Matcha Konomi. Premium grade used for disciplined practices in traditional tea ceremonies. Excellent as a self-drinking matcha, and also works very well with other ingredients for lattes, smoothies, etc.

Pure Matcha, Must be blended with sugar to make Sweet Matcha Mix.

Ingredients: Organic Japan Matcha.

Our matcha strikes the perfect balance between quality and value. Produced in the late Summer and early Autumn months in Kagoshima prefecture it delivers a sweet, smooth and well-balanced character to the cup.


Add 2g of Matcha and 2 tablespoons of 170°F water to a cup. Whisk into a thin paste.
Heat 8oz milk of choice to approximately 140-160°F then slowly pour onto Matcha paste, stir and sweeten as desired. 


Place 8oz of milk, 4-6g of Matcha, yogurt and fruit of choice into a blender.
Blend until well combined.
Pour into glass and sprinkle with a little extra Matcha.

Matcha Milk Shake:

Add 8oz milk, 3-4g of Matcha and 1/2 cup of ice cubes into a cocktail shaker and shake.
Pour into a glass to serve, sprinkle some Matcha on the top to finish.

Ceremonial Tea:

Place 2-3g of Matcha into a tea bowl. Use bamboo whisk to gently break up any clumps.
Add 3.5oz of 170°F water (avoid very hot water = bitter tea + burnt lips).
Whisk vigorously in a 'W' motion until frothy. Pop any large bubbles with the whisk.

Sip it straight from the bowl.

Net Wt. 2.0oz

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