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Nitro Infuser Pro

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Operational Advantages:

  • On-Demand Infusion
  • No more pre-charging kegs
  • No more shaking the keg
  • Infusion happens instantly
  • Nitrogen Control System (NCS)
  • Provides precision to infusion
  • Allows customization of nitro infusion (essential for beverage expansion)
  • Ability to lock ideal infusion
  • Multi-Vortex Infusion Chambers
  • Adjustable to 25% nitrogen infusion
  • Infuses 100% Pure, Food-Grade Nitrogen
  • Opposed to compressed air found in countertop systems
  • The only way to achieve the perfect nitro cold brew
  • SCA published standard for the perfect nitro cold brew
  • Industrial-Grade Design
  • Steel enclosure
  • Powder-coated finish for durability
  • Internal cavity potted for strength & security
  • Compatible With Any Standard Draft System
  • Quickly installs between keg & tap
  • No Additional Cleaning
  • System cleans when you flush your tap lines
  • Pour Still And Nitro Infused Beverages From The Same Keg
  • User-Friendly And Adaptable To Self-Service Environments

Product Specifications:

  • Intertek Certified Component
  • Conforms to NSF standards
  • Does not negate kegerator NSF certification
  • Draft Industry Standard Fittings
  • 1/4” beverage fittings
  • Brewer’s grade 304 stainless steel
  • Standard operation 28 PSI (rated to 90 PSI)
  • Multiple Embedded Check Valves
  • Prevents back flow of gas and beverage
  • No Internal Moving Parts
  • Can pass solids
  • Nothing to wear out
  • Made in U.S.A. Hand-assembled in Minneapolis, MN


Single: L 8.5” x W 1” x D 2.5”
Dual: L 8.5” x W 1” x D 4”


Style Single

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