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VST Precision Insert Portafilter Baskets, 58mm
VST Precision Insert Portafilter Baskets, 58mm

VST Precision Insert Portafilter Baskets, 58mm

Experience uniform extractions across all groups all the time... permanently. The VST Precision Insert Basket is the essential espresso filter for those in search of the ultimate cup.

The VST baskets deliver consistent extraction performance over a wide range of concentration with reduced sediment. It is designed to extract properly and expertly amongst most bottomless portafilters, including Rancillio, La Cimbali, La Marzocco, and Nuova Simonelli, Quick Mill, Izzo, Rocket, Giotto, Isomac, Vibieme, and more. Each insert basket is uniquely coded for manufacturing QC and product authenticity.

The VST baskets were specially created with holes that were fabricated using a new micro-machine and finishing process. Each and every hole on every single basket was measured for the minimum and maximum range limits on area and diameter to a precision of +/- 30 µm. They were also calculated for circularity, placement, square area and any blocked holes before being considered fit for sale and fitted for Baristas. The hole pattern is centered to +/- 1.0 mm and placement is oriented for uniform extraction throughout the entire puck.

The VST Insert Basket was specifically designed to stand the test of time. The wide outlet angle prevents the filters from clogging and the anti-wear design ensures uniform performance for life of product. The structural integrity has been improved, able to withstand deflection from pump cycling without any premature fatigue failures.

Each insert basket is marked with a very unique 2-D bar-code to ensure true authenticity and performance. The 2-D bar-code stores the factory measurements, the quality reports, and even image data.

The 20 gram, 22 gram & 25 gram baskets are meant to be used in bottomless / naked portafilters. Please be aware that these may or may not fit in most single or double spouted portafilters due to the depth of the basket.

It is common for these precision insert baskets to appear somewhat flawed or cracked on the inside which, as described by the manufacturer, is "a normal cosmetic artifact of the radial micro-machine processing"

What's the difference? Ridged vs. Ridgeless?
Quite simply put - one has a ridge and one does not. If your portafilter comes equipped with a spring clip inside of it, than the ridged basket will lock into place. Why is this important? If you don't have a knock box on your counter, and you're banging your pucks out into a garbage can, you may have to go fishing for the basket because it's likely to slip out with enough force.

Some people believe the ridgeless basket will produce a better shot of espresso because there are no imperfections, or 'ridges' if you will, on the basket and therefore make it less likely to channel.

Size: 58mm
Made in the USA
Size 18g
Style Standard Ridged

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