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Wholesale - Sumatra, Full City+ Roast, Fair Trade-Organic

Wholesale - Sumatra, Full City+ Roast, Fair Trade-Organic

Net Wt. 5.0lb
Profile Whole Bean

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Cupping notes: Raisin/Tobacco/Molasses

Region: aceh highlands
Co-Op: various smallholders
Elevation: 1300m+
Roast: full city+ (med+)
Notes: raisin, tobacco, molasses
Process: Wet hulled and dried in the sun
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

With this Sumatra Mandheling, you can truly appreciate the typical deep, rustic and sweet character of Indonesian coffees. The country has good growing conditions with suitable altitude, fertile soils and temperature. Since Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of about 17,500 islands, the country has a fascinating range of biodiversity with various microclimates.