This is the most amazing coffee I've ever had!  I tried the Vagabond this morning.  It is the only coffee I've ever had that tastes like it smells.  I don't know how long you've been doing this, but you have perfected the art.  

For the holidays, I wanted to find a locally roasted coffee to give as gifts as a "taste of Madison".  I searched the Internet (Google) and you were one of those that came up.  I love dogs, I have 2 Mini Dachshunds, so of course your name immediately caught my eye.  I had never heard of this coffee before, have never seen it advertised anywhere, so went to your website to read about it.  I love the idea of being it being local, small, roasted in small batches (OK, maybe it was the name), so I ordered.

When I picked up the order last night my car smelled so good I couldn't wait for morning to come.  This morning I rushed down and brewed a pot.  I'm in heaven!  This coffee is smooth, yet full-bodied and flavorful.  Literally just hours between the roaster and my coffee pot.  

Thank you so much! So glad I discovered Rusty Dog!