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Bright skies ahead - New Spring Roasts - Vote RDC

Posted by Tony Bitner on

Bright skies ahead

It’s currently seventy degrees outside, and wow that feels great! After the year we’ve all had, let’s agree that a sunny day with clear skies feels better than ever! All of us, you included, deserve some great weather and a chance to relax.

Are you tired of hearing businesses saying the word “pivot?” Well, we’re not going to say that (or unprecedented times) in this email, but we will say we learned a few things in 2020. We also watched our business partners adapt and change in very stressful circumstances. We admire the locally-owned shops and cafes we work with, some who had to quickly build online stores and ordering in very short time and with little to no budget or help. If you shopped online from a small business this year or ordered carryout from a local restaurant in 2020, you should know you helped a business stay alive. Our customers were a bright, shining star this past year and we can’t thank you enough for your support during COVID-19. Thank you!

New spring roasts

This spring, we’re planning more at-home world travel with our Rare Origin Tours. These exclusive roast selections are currently showcasing beans from Peru. Rare Origins are available only on our website. We also have two new coffee special releases. We may be biased, but we’re also pretty experienced at tasting coffees and we can say objectively that they are delicious. Have you tried the Rwanda Mahembe Murundo or the Brazil Microlot Fazenda Pedra Preta yet?

Vote RDC

Rusty Dog Coffee is excited to be in the final round of voting for Madison Magazine’s Best Coffee Roaster in Madison! We would love to win for the first time, but we need your help! Please click on the link and give us one final vote! (And while you’re there, take a moment to vote for Sjolind’s chocolate, Stella’s Bakery and Working Draft brewery). Thank you!

Here’s to more sunny days ahead,

Manny, Tom & Tony
Rusty Dog Coffee and 6&12 Tea Co.


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